The World Below

Howl at the Moon

Our intrepid adventures set out on another adventure. However, this time they are missing a few party members. Olivia had to see about a man is some bar doing who knows what, Alec was visibly shaken from his previous encounter with the messenger from Psydion, and our one time adventurer Haven went in search for the Oracle to solve her/his identity problem.

So, Grumly Rainhammer, Balais, and Phrae set off on a new adventure. They check the quest board at the Lit Lantern Inn, their home base. The quest reads:

Grapes have stopped coming from the city of Nappa the local Tipple Merchants Guild ambassador Beit Stoutheart requests assistance. Please find me at the Two Pots Kettle if intrested.

The group reported to the Two Pots Kettle where they found Beit Stoutheart tending the bar. Beit served up a flask of wine he was obviously not proud of as he told the adventures his woes.

As part of the conversation the adventures as about the goings on in Grappa and the incident with Gond is Angry. Beit reveals that he is part of the Graparion Council and there has been a lot of contention in the council lately. Ever since Victor Graparion turned away the Black Sail Trading Company which brought on Gond’s anger. The different Merchant Guilds ambassadors are greatly concerned with the possibility that their merchant interests may be cut off just like those of the Pierrot Barra Merchants Guild. The party helped Beit, an obviously always drunk dwarf, that his troubles in Nappa started about the same time as the Gond is Angry incident.

Beit promised to put out some feelers while the group of adventures set off to solve his grape problem.

On the road to Nappa our travelers ran into a group of sellswords, one of which was named sdfasdfsdfasdfsdf on their way to Grappa. They indicated they were told there was much coin to be made in Grappa for protection and in fact they already had a benefactor. Although the group never asked who their benefactor was the two groups went on in their own directions.

Iaris the Sly

Olivia, Phrae, Grumly Rainhammer and Balais find themselves back in the Lit Lantern Inn after a nights rest. Determined to help Captain Broadbottom find his missing boat they realize they need more party members if they are to journey into the nearby swamps. Looking around the inn the party recruits two new adventurers Alec a human warden from Blackmore and Haven a human rogue from parts unknown.

Haven points out two new quests posted on the board, but the party knows the clock is ticking if they are to recover Broadbottom’s boat. So with their new party members in tow the group sets out for the swamp and eventually the secret cove ofIaris the Sly.

In the swamp out side of Grappa on the way the group ran into some resistance with the swamp creatures. The fight saw two uses of the Wand of Wonder, both either benign or to their advantage. The new party members proved worthy in a good fight and they prevailed.

Finally they found the secret cove they sought and there tethered to shore was the Screaming Whale, Captain Broadbottom’s boat. It was in a state of repair to turn it into a pirate ship and the pirates responsible were right there on shore whopping and hollering, partying by the campfire. Just beyond them is a larger ship, the main vessel of Iaris the Sly.

The party comes up with a plan. The Wand of Wonder is given to the new party member Haven and she plans to activate the wand just before battle starts. Balais is going to pimp out Olivia to the pirates in an attempt to catch them off guard.

At first the pirates are very interested in Balais’ proposition, but they realize they probably need more coin than they have to acquire the winch. So the pirates fetch their captain in hopes he will purchase the whore for the crew. When Iaris arrives on scene it doesn’t take him long to figure out the rouse and combat begins.

Haven immediately says the command word, “Wubba, Wubba!” Seemingly nothing happened (Haven got a permanent 5hp), so her party members implored her to do it again, so she did. In a flash Haven disappears from sight. The party assumes she was evaporated on the spot.

Meanwhile the Balais and Olivia nearly get annihilated by the pirates on the beach but Alec, Phrae, and Grumly Rainhammer come to the rescue.

Meanwhile, Haven did in fact reappeared behind the boat in the water. She crept up to the top of the rail and cast the Wand of Wonder yet one more time! Needless to say Haven was very upset with the result as she/he felt something new grow between her/his legs.

Despite her new experience Haven was able to take care of the pirates on the boat. Once the rest of the party took down Iaris the Sly the rest of the pirate crew dropped their swords and gave up.

Shortly after the crew gave up a the sea rose up and out of it came a huge water creature that seemed to have a message from Psydion himself. “The sea has been watching you new adventurers and we see great potential in your endeavors, your prayers to Psydion may bring you the edge you need.” Then the sea creature turned to Alec the new dark member of the team. “Alec, what are YOU doing here? and with these people.” With that the creature left.

The party turns to Alec, looking for an explanation.

Alec, says, “Yeah, I’m a demi-god… Hadesius is my father. Psydion and my father don’t get along very well.”

Needless to say the party, besides Olivia, is shocked at this revaluation and is very nervous about the recent attention they have been getting from the gods.

Despite the shake up the crew get themselves together and are able to get their new boat, now dubbed Lavaera, and Broadbottom’s boat back to town. When they get there Balais strikes a deal with Captain Broadbottom to pilot their new boat. Balais gave a couple of contacts for Broadbottom in Whitestep and setup a deal to sponsor Broadbottom in exchange for 40% of the cargo profit.

One of the first mates still on board from Iaris’ crew is Jed Daggerpoke.

The names Balais gave to Broadbottom was Count Veloris, a trader in Whitestep and Duke Olcan. Balais says, “when dealing with the Duke just tell him you were referred to him by ‘The Lonely One.’”

With that the crew retired for another night at the Lit Lantern Inn.

Skin Deep

Our party consisting of Ryltar, Phrae, Olivia, Grumly Rainhammer, and the newest member Balais continue on their adventure. Balais the depressed bard was found sitting in the Lit Lantern Inn drowning his sorrows. After the party’s previous discovery of dealing with Vecna assassin they need another party member.

The party decides to continue on their quest to find Laura Sthorms’s missing sister Eleena Sthorms. During the previous day the group got a lead to visit the Sundry Magics Shop as its address was scribbled on a sheet of paper found on the Vecna assassin.

Upon visiting the Sundry Magics Shop they meet Belik Iss the proprietor of the shop. He is very surprised to learn the assassin had his address and seemed a good bit concerned. Also when asked about Bella, the woman the party escorted the night before and was attacked by the assassin he admits that he was close to her and encouraged her to go to the university. After several minutes of questioning Belik grew impatient with the inquisition and kindly but directly asked the party to leave his store. As soon as the last person was out the door slammed and locked shut. Our heroes decide to stake out the Sundry Magics Shop and wait to see where Belik Iss goes.

However, moments later a page who knows our heroes are looking for the missing Eleena Sthorms rushes up with news that their benefactor Laura Sthorms is in a lot a trouble at the Pleasure Palace. The party abandon their post at the magic shop and rush to the nightclub.

Arriving on the scene Madame Wilda quickly escorts the team to Laura’s bedroom. The room had obvious signs of a struggle and there was a blood trail heading out the window. Surprising to the adventurers the trail of blood leads them directly back to where they were, the Sundry Magics Shop. The door was a ajar and they go in expecting a fight.

Making their way to the back room they find a trap door leading to the basement. They hear shouting coming from below. Belik was yelling, “You fool girl, you’ve led the authorities right to us. We must flee, we must get out of here immediately. Then the voice of the person they know as Bella (the girl they escorted to her apartment and then disappeared after the assassination attempt). Bella says, “But we can’t leave, we must recharge the ribbon, we must recharge the ribbon with blood so I can stay beautiful!” Descending into the basement they see a horrific scene that have the bodies of all the missing girls hanging on the walls in lurid poses. Just behind the alter where the body of Laura Sthorms lay a poorly/incorrectly drawn symbol of Vecna is written in blood.

The adventurers get the drop on Belik and his thrall. The battle lasts for several rounds and many of the adventurers are tested. In the end they drop both combatants. However before the team could completely gather themselves with a short rest more assassins and a true cleric of Vecna arrive on the scene and continues the battle.

At last the adventurers prevail and learn the full plot of what they just uncovered. Belik had a sick obsession of doing unspeakable things to beautiful women. He used an excuse of trying to worship Vecna as a cover-up for his actions. However his actions did not please Vecna it only brought some unwanted attention his way. So Vecna dispatched some true followers of Vecna to clean up the mess. Bella actually turned out to be Eleena Sthorms the same sister that had gone missing. Belik manipulated Eleena to help him care out his sick habit in exchange he was keep her beautiful with a simple hat of disguise that he had told her had to be powered by the blood of women.

After uncovering the full plot the adventurers inform Professor-Father Arnold Winthorpe of the happenings and received their reward. As the team was leaving the university one of our adventurers Ryltar took an “unfortunate” spill down the long steep steps of the faculty building. Some might think Balais and Olivia may have assisted in the fall. Nonetheless as they were splitting his gold between them they hear a loud laugh coming from the woods nearby.

Entering the woods they see a glow coming from behind one of the trees and more boisterous laughter. Looking out just so you can see only his face we see Loki the god of mischief peep out from behind the tree. Olivia recognizes him immediately and becomes obviously agitated. He speaks directly to her, “Hehehe, how goes the adventuring my dear?” Olivia immediately shutters and spits back with obscenity, “Its fine leave us alone Loki.”

The rest of the party is obviously shocked that one of their party members actually knows and is conversing with a god. Not only is she talking to a god, but is practically venomous towards him.

Loki continues, “have you found your jewels my pretty? Have you found the jewels we seek?” Olivia retorts, “No, you know good well I haven’t. If I had I would have my son back!”

With that Loki disappears with a flash saying, “good luck young adventurers, use this wisely.” In the wake of where Loki disappeared a wand, a Wand of Wonder. On the base of the wand it simply reads, “point and speak Wubba Wubba.”

Immediately after Loki disappears Olivia’s party members demand answers. “Look,” she starts, “Loki stole my son. I bore a son of Loki. He took him from me when he was born. He told me in order for me to get him back I have to find and retrieve a ruby jewel embedded in a case of jade. I’m trying to find it so I can get my son back. Now you know… I don’t want to speak of it any more right now.”

Slightly satisfied by her answer the party turns their attention to the wand left behind by the god. A gift from the gods is very rare. Brazenly Olivia, picks it up, points it at Ryltar’s dead body and speaks the command words, “Wubba Wubba.”

Immediately from from the wand flows thousands of gems, which once done covered Ryltar entirely. What a great gift thought the party. A wand that produces money. Clearly a gift from the gods.

They spend the rest of the day burying their fallen comrade’s body and cashing in their gems for gold and magical items.

Gond is Angry

Our adventurers (Olivia, Phrae, Ryltar, and Grumly Rainhammer) headed off to the city of Grappa as they heard it was a great place to start a career as an adventurer.

The group not knowing each other and wondering the Trade Market Square looking for adventure when adventure found them…

They heard a load echoing female voice that is so loud they had to cover their ears. They realized the voice was coming from the The giant statue of Gond the goddess of Trade and Commerce which overlooks the city. The voice spoke, “The city of Grappa has disrespected me and all that I stand for, this city is not worthy of currents and streams that bring upon it good fortune, this city has seen the last of the kindness and helpful hand of the powerful Gond. Restore thy worthiness or unseat those that spoil it. You have been warned!”

At that moment the statue burst into thousands of pieces and showered the city with stone and fire. Most of our new adventurers were able to jump out of the way of the falling debris.

Our heroes had to fight off large firebird that rose from the ashes of the broken statue and several shadowy wisps that tore through the city. The fight was paraless but the heroes prevailed. During the fight Olivia unfortunately took out the shop keeper of the famous store and member of the Designer Trade Guild Robes and Fine Ass Shit.

After the fight our adventurers look around and notice they had some comrades in the battle who were quite handy in a tough spot, perhaps they’d found the adventuring party they’ve been looking for.

(This was a crucial streetwise check) After the fight and short introductions the heroes are wondering what just went down. After asking around a bit they luckily are able to gleam some information from someone claiming to be an aid to one of the merchant guild ambassadors. He says that recently the Black Sail Trading Company was denied entry into the port. Their known for bring a lot of commerce and wealth into the city, but at a high price.

At finding out this information our adventurers split up.

Phrae and Grumly Rainhammer went to the Tower of Hullberg where Lieutenant Marshall was directing the recovery of Grappa and tending to the wounded. The Lieutenant had no time to answer questions and actually received more information than he know from Phrae about the attack. In the end they got no new information and actually refused to help the wounded from the battle despite Grumly Rainhammer’s healing ability.

Our second group Olivia and Ryltar try to obtain so more information from some local bars, much to Olive’s liking. They made their way to the Lit Lantern Inn as they know it as a great place for adventurers. The bartender Ivan Boltsmear didn’t know anything besides common knowledge about the Black Sail Trading Company, but did direct them to the Two Pots Kettle where the ambassador or the Tipple Merchants Guild, Beit Stoutheart is known to spend his time. Ivan thinks if anyone knows something he might.

The group as whole went off to Two Pots Kettle, but Beit Stoutheart was out of town and the barkeep here knew nothing of the recent events with the Black Sails.

The group spent the night at the Lit Lantern Inn and the next morning they checked out the well known quests board at the Inn. Looking over the board they find an ask for help from a dwarf named Captain Broadbottom who had apparently lost his boat. As the group is looking at their options a cloaked woman came up to them and asked for help herself. She asked them to meet her at the Pleasure Palace late that afternoon.

The team took the opportunity to go down to the docks and speak with Captain Broadbottom about his missing boat. They found him just standing there staring at the boat slip. He told them his story. He docked in Grappa 4 nights ago, unloaded a cargo of Ale from Whitestep. After he was unloaded he and his crew went for some R and R at the Pleasure Palace when we got back, me boat was gone. He suspected it was his first mate that he’d only taken on during the last voyage named Iras the Sly. The captain asked around and found out Iras was actually a known pirate in the area and has a hideout in a nearby cove. He asked the party to retrieve his boat for him. They accepted.

However before they started off looking for the boat they wanted to speak again to the mysterious woman at Pleasure Palace who also asked them for help. So they made their way there.

Olivia and Ryltar made their way inside. Grumly Rainhammer waited out front and handed out Tempus literature and gave people stern looks as they went inside. Phrae went around back to watch the back door.

While inside they meet Laura Sthorms the person who asked them meet her at this place. She tells a story of her missing plain sister Eleena Sthorms and the girls going missing from the local university, Oxley University. She asked them to help find her sister and suggested a good place to start would be the university as she believes her sister to be one of the girls who has gone missing.

The party make their way to the university and learn all about the missing girls from Professor-Father Arnold Winthorpe who is acting as investigator on the case. There are other adventurers at the university also helping out. Mostly by escorting the ladies to and from class. Our party gets such an assignment for a Bella Farnsworth. They escort her from school to her apartment where despite the party’s instance goes in and shuts the door. Moments later there is a scream inside. The party busts through the door and stops two Vecna Assassins who had Bella’s address and the address of Belak Iss and the Sundry Magics Shop.

The party turns in the assassins and discover the Sundry Magics Shop is currently closed. They plan to get some rest and continue in the morning…


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