The city of Grappa is on the edge of the great sea of Psyron in the region of The Gray Coast. It is a port city that is often the gathering place for those looking for adventures.

Grappa is ruled by a benevolent leader named Victor Graparion. The Graparion family is well liked in the area.

The Graparion family live in the Tower of Hulberg and town is under the protection of the Seven Shields of Grappa the military force for Grappa.

The town has several representing members of Merchant Guilds. Who have seats at the Graparion Council table. The overall direction and laws of the city are decided at the Council.



Recent Events

  • The patron of Grappa, Gond has become angry and cast a warning on the people. Before blowing up her own statue and attacking the city she said, “The city of Grappa has disrespected me and all that I stand for, this city is not worthy of currents and streams that bring upon it good fortune, this city has seen the last of the kindness and helpful hand of the powerful Gond. Restore thy worthiness or unseat those that spoil it. You have been warned!”


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