The World Below

Howl at the Moon


Our intrepid adventures set out on another adventure. However, this time they are missing a few party members. Olivia had to see about a man is some bar doing who knows what, Alec was visibly shaken from his previous encounter with the messenger from Psydion, and our one time adventurer Haven went in search for the Oracle to solve her/his identity problem.

So, Grumly Rainhammer, Balais, and Phrae set off on a new adventure. They check the quest board at the Lit Lantern Inn, their home base. The quest reads:

Grapes have stopped coming from the city of Nappa the local Tipple Merchants Guild ambassador Beit Stoutheart requests assistance. Please find me at the Two Pots Kettle if intrested.

The group reported to the Two Pots Kettle where they found Beit Stoutheart tending the bar. Beit served up a flask of wine he was obviously not proud of as he told the adventures his woes.

As part of the conversation the adventures as about the goings on in Grappa and the incident with Gond is Angry. Beit reveals that he is part of the Graparion Council and there has been a lot of contention in the council lately. Ever since Victor Graparion turned away the Black Sail Trading Company which brought on Gond’s anger. The different Merchant Guilds ambassadors are greatly concerned with the possibility that their merchant interests may be cut off just like those of the Pierrot Barra Merchants Guild. The party helped Beit, an obviously always drunk dwarf, that his troubles in Nappa started about the same time as the Gond is Angry incident.

Beit promised to put out some feelers while the group of adventures set off to solve his grape problem.

On the road to Nappa our travelers ran into a group of sellswords, one of which was named sdfasdfsdfasdfsdf on their way to Grappa. They indicated they were told there was much coin to be made in Grappa for protection and in fact they already had a benefactor. Although the group never asked who their benefactor was the two groups went on in their own directions.



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